Welcome to George Chism for Shelby County Trustee

George Chism for Shelby County Trustee

I’m George Chism, the Shelby County Commissioner for District 2. I have enjoyed being a part of the Shelby County Commission these past three years, and now I look forward to representing you as your Shelby County Trustee. 

For those that don't know me already, I was born and raised for the last 53 years in Shelby County. I am a product of Shelby County. I have been married to my wife, Tracy Chism, for 29 years. We have two children, Barnes and Anna, who grew up in Shelby County, were educated in Shelby County, and have now made their home in Shelby County.

Shelby County’s banker and responsible for $800 million of your tax dollars, the Trustee must have financial knowledge, oversight, accountability, and skills that I am uniquely qualified to provide. As your Trustee, I will:

  • Promote financial literacy programs recognizing that education and knowledge are crucial factors to building strong communities.
  • Explore every avenue of the collection process ensuring delinquent and out of state property owners are held accountable for taxes owed to Shelby County.
  • Contribute to the fight on blight: Long term delinquent properties are a top source of the blight in our neighborhoods. Taking action against delinquent property owners will be a major tool to address the crisis we are seeing in our communities.

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